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Practice Areas


Real Estate Assets

Our firm is committed to assisting clients in all stages of their home purchase, providing legal solutions and extensive property inspections. We also specialize in representing entrepreneurs and contracting companies throughout real estate projects and property sales. Our extensive knowledge and familiarity with authorities and entities involved in transactions allow us to provide quality legal services to our clients.


Urban Renewal

Steinberg Law Offices specializes in representing clients in urban renewal matters, such as TAMA38 and Pinui Binui projects. With extensive knowledge, experience, and abilities in this field, the firm represents a diverse range of clients including entrepreneurs, contractors, and tenants. The staff provides professional legal advice, a business perspective, and accompanies clients from the initial stages until the delivery of the final product. With over two decades of experience, the firm has developed familiarity with the various bodies involved in urban renewal projects, such as local authorities, planning committees, and the Israel Land Authority, allowing them to successfully manage these complex projects.


Commercial Real Estate

Steinberg Law Offices is well-versed in representing clients in commercial real estate transactions alongside its residential real estate activities. Our staff has considerable expertise and experience in all areas related to property law, such as banking and finance, contract law, real estate taxation, planning and construction, and familiarity with local government entities, which is essential for this specialized field.

We have a significant advantage in dealing with long-term real estate projects due to our extensive experience with the Israel Land Authority and the Land Registry (Tabu). Our lawyers are adept at creative thinking with a strong business orientation, which enables us to provide optimal solutions to complex real estate transactions.


Real Estate Entrepreneurship

The firm represents top real estate entrepreneurs in significant construction and infrastructure projects throughout Israel. Our firm accompanies entrepreneurs throughout the project's lifecycle, including project assessment, tax considerations, financing options, and project completion. Our experienced staff works with all relevant stakeholders to lay the groundwork for project implementation while ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.The legal team's expertise in identifying risks and potential pitfalls in real estate entrepreneurship enables our clients to achieve optimal results with maximum efficiency.


Purchasing Groups

Steinberg Law Offices has extensive experience representing purchasing groups in complex and risky projects, providing legal advice throughout the project lifecycle. The firm inspects all bodies involved, negotiates with parties, examines approvals and permits, drafts agreements, and provides legal opinions to minimize risk. The lawyers are knowledgeable in relevant laws and advise on contracts, land authorities, group institutions, service providers, and legal proceedings. The firm's business-oriented and professional approach ensures maximum legal protection to clients.


Real Estate Taxation

The Steinberg Law Offices has an experienced legal team that provides comprehensive legal services in real estate taxation. They provide legal advice on a range of real estate taxation issues, including handling property tax matters, determining tax calculation basis for non-residents, calculating tax assessments, submitting objections, and providing legal opinions. Additionally, the firm's staff has expertise in real estate taxation for non-residents and is frequently updated on tax laws in different jurisdictions affecting real estate transactions.


Real Estate Litigation

The firm's real estate litigation practice represents clients in various court proceedings and alternative dispute resolution, involving sophisticated transactions and urban renewal projects. They represent a diverse range of clients in real estate litigation, including developers, contractors, purchasing groups, private clients, and landowners, in claims such as dissolution of partnership, eviction, and construction defects.


Planning and Zoning

The firm has experienced legal professionals that specialize in planning and zoning procedures, including preparing and approving plans, appearing before planning committees, and handling licensing and planning proceedings. They also provide legal advice and representation for clients dealing with violations of planning and construction laws.

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